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FBI Breaking Its Brand Image In Effort to Break Apple Inc

James Comey, the former general counsel of global hedge fund Bridgewater Associates and current director of the FBI is, according to thought-leaders across the technology industry, “doing more to break the brand image of the country’s top law enforcement agency than it is in doing its job properly” as it continues to battle Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) in an effort to force the world’s biggest tech company to crack the iPhone encryption protocol and effectively break its own technology in a manner that will destroy the trust of millions of Apple customers.

In his appearance before Congress yesterday, Comey acknowledged that FBI technicians “screwed up” by failing to follow steps that most tech-savvy people would never have made.

According to one financial industry hedge fund manager specializing in computer-based strategies, and whose three sons are each considered to be computer programming savants (as evidenced by each graduating at the top of their Ivy League schools and each since heavily-recruited by the two most successful quant-trading firms on Wall Street where in less than 12 months, they have now risen to the top tiers of those firms), “Even my kids have said that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to accomplish the basic objective of what the FBI attempted to do in the San Bernardino situation.”
Added that HF manager, “Contrary to what some have speculated, this is not a case in which the FBI was reticent to hack the device in question because of concerns with regard to privacy laws. To their credit, they tried to investigate what most of us would consider to be a crime scene perpetrated by bad actors seeking to wreak havoc in accordance with Islamic Jihadist idealogy. The issue is that our top national law enforcement agency experts bungled their job because they apparently have no internal resources who understand modern technology or the most ubiquitous mobile device on the planet. It seems they are now trying to undermine the integrity of one of the world’s most important companies. The ineptitude is mind-boggling.”

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