Broker-dealers, Registered Investment Advisers, ETF Issuers, finance industry pundits and financial industry marketing firms each share a common objective: to continuously increase brand awareness so that your constituents and clients keep you ‘front of mind’. Towards advancing that goal, MarketsMuse content marketing team and content sponsorship programs assist brand advocates via multiple techniques, each of which ensure your brand message is not only delivered to, but resonates with your targeted audience.

Return on Resonating: A cute tag line or a compelling slogan help to get viewer’s attention, but when it comes to content sponsorship and content marketing and regardless of format, its all about the call to action and actual conversions. The rubber-meets-the-road only when the message drives a prospective client or strategic partner to your website and into the hands of a quick-response sales team that is ready to convert a visitor to becoming a client.

Content Marketing: Produce a 400 word article for MarketsMuse blog section(s). Once approved and posted, our team ‘pushes’ your content into multiple social media outlets, including Facebook (via promoted posts), Twitter, and dedicated LinkedIn Groups. With more than 500 financial industry Twitter followers, @MarketsMuse is a logical extension for any social media strategy. Our Facebook presence reinforces every blog post and every Tweet (as well as retweets made by our social media advocacy team.

Traditional Sponsorship-Remain embedded across the MarketsMuse site via placement of sizzle reel video, or simple ad banners strategically placed across all of MarketsMuse pages. We support no more than six (6) sponsored ‘ads’ during any single 30-day period so as to ensure consistent placement for our sponsors.

Bespoke Articles / Content Creation. MarketsMuse team of editors and writers recognize that many financial industry firms and organizations do not have a well-organized content sponsorship strategy, the creative writing capabilities that complement specific outlets, or simply, many firms do not have the internal resources to construct compelling narrative. Our internal team specializes in writing thought-leadership articles on behalf of many of the financial industry’s most-recognized firms and we are domain experts for those focused on global macro, fixed income, exchange-traded funds, options markets, and fintech initiatives.

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