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MadmenMedia’s MarketsMuse strives to source the most topical and timely stories about ETFs, Options, Global Macro trade strategies, Fixed Income, the latest innovations in Fintech and trading system technologies, and all things “Risk On” & “Risk Off.” We aggregate and curate the best and most reliable third-party sources. We always give credit where credit is due.

Because most of our team has been in/around Wall Street for more than 15 minutes, we also have a whale of time expressing editorial opinions whenever its too hard to resist.

Our readers include top-gun traders, Tier 1 investment fund managers, RIAs, Hedgies, Pensions, Corporate Treasurers, a broad assortment of trading system techies, compliance folk, and no-nonsense news media who want to know “What’s up? and Why..?”

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We’ll add some salt and pepper to the meat with elitist editorial observations, but only with the goal of making topical stories tasty. Bookmark us, follow us on Twitter via @MarketsMuse, but don’t forget to share the wealth: let your peeps know where the go-to source of best-in-breed bid/offer stories can be found.

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