O’Leary of Shark Tank Brands Bigger Pool of ETF…

The summer interns at MarketsMuse had already voted “Shark Tank” as their favorite TV show,  so it was no surprise that our senior curators took their cue to advance the latest news from Kevin O’Leary, the celeb entrepreneur and more recently, an ETF aficionado who has extended his brand to the world of exchange-traded fund […] Read More

14 July, 2016

Private Placement Offerings Get Boost From Low Rate Regime

Private Placement Services Portal Changes Name to PPM.co; Adds Full Suite of Product Offerings with Launch of New Website   (PRweb)–New York, NY–July 12 2016- PPM Services, Ltd, the global consulting firm specialising in private placement memorandum document preparation for debt and equities and business plan preparation services for start-ups, announced today that it has […] Read More

13 July, 2016

State Street and Bloomberg Want To Streamline Bond ETFs

Now that corporate bond fund managers have proven their continuing interest in and use of bond ETFs, State Street and Bloomberg LP are joining hands in an effort to re-define the notion of “straight-thru-processing” for institutional investors that are using fixed income ETF products…MarketsMuse sends a shout-out to BusinessWire for allowing us to re-distribute the […] Read More

13 July, 2016

Global Macro Guru: 5 Implications of Brexit

As MarketsMuse curators work towards competing for the news industry award for publishing the “5 millionth” commentary regarding last week’s “Brexit” vote, our senior publisher voted in favor of keeping the blog post focused on a global macro view that is different than what the popular pundits have been opining for the past week. With […] Read More

7 July, 2016

BlackRock Wants You To Chat Up Symphony..Away From Bloomberg

BlackRock is the latest firm to embrace Symphony Chat Platform; Another Shot Across Bloomberg Bow In early 2014,  when David Gurle, a former Reuters exec started to chat up a scheme with prospective banking industry investors that would offer a low cost alternative  to Bloomberg LP’s ubiquitous instant message / chat application, prospective strategic investors were more than intrigued. After […] Read More

27 June, 2016

BREXIT v BREMAIN: Should I Stay or Should I…

BREXIT or BREMAIN the NEVERENDUMS Will Continue in Europe “Should I Stay or Should I Go? That Answer Is Self Evident…” A Global Macro perspective from Debt Market Veteran..Music by Clash,  Comments by Quigley Below excerpt courtesy of 22 June edition of  “Quigley’s Corner”, the industry award-winning debt capital market commentary from Ron Quigley, Managing […] Read More

22 June, 2016

Global Macro Trade-Eye On China-How to Hedge RMB

(SubstantiveResearch.com)- The global macro trade idea of the week with eye on China. With all of the debate around the Fed’s signalling for rate hikes this summer, the question of how to hedge, or for that matter, to bet on China is prominent in the mind of investors. Neil Azous of Rareview Macro has some […] Read More

26 May, 2016

AIG To Offer Equity Crowdfund Insurance

(RaiseMoney.com) -It takes a life-long pioneer in the insurance industry to know best when to grab first mover advantage whenever a new landscape appears, as evidenced by Tuesday’s announcement from New York-based global insurer AIG, which says it will be the first to offer crowdfund insurance for investors in equity crowdfunding deals. Below extract is […] Read More

25 May, 2016

What’s Next? Independent Equity Research for Crowdfund Deals

(RaiseMoney.com)-Minneapolis-based Stratifund, which models itself as a modern day version of a traditional Wall Street “independent equity research firm” has become the first such firm to plant its flag on the crowdfunding beachhead and bring objective analysis to crowdfund deals. Led by a cadre of Wall Street-trained wonks and crowdfund industry thought-leaders, including company advisors […] Read More

23 May, 2016

Global Macro: Bouncing Off China Walls

MarketsMuse sends out a shout out to SubstantiveResearch.com for profiling Global Macro guru Neil Azous from Rareview Macro, who “always looks to challenge the consensus and the sometimes lazy view of the prevailing market set up.” In yesterday’s note he focused on China, and the consensus view that the cyclical bounce in China has ended. […] Read More

17 May, 2016

Equity Crowdfunding: US Gets Its Mojo On

(RaiseMoney.com) May 16 2016 marks the beginning of what could be an avalanche of private equity offerings promoted via the web. Thanks to the JOBS Act and SEC Regulation Crowdfund, which now totals 685 pages of rules to live by for those in the U.S. Equity Crowdfunding space, including brokers and marketers working with entrepreneurs […] Read More

16 May, 2016

Wall St. Firm Memorial Day Pledge to VetEdChallenge Crowdfund…

May 12-Stamford, CT–Mischler Financial Group (“MFG”), the financial industry’s oldest minority investment bank and institutional brokerage owned and operated by Service-Disabled Veterans, announced today that in recognition of the upcoming Memorial Day celebration, the firm has pledged a percentage of its entire May profits to Veterans Education Challenge, (VetEdChallenge) a donation-based crowdfund campaign. The philanthropic initiative […] Read More

12 May, 2016

Avalanche of Investment Grade Corporate Debt Deals

Below extract is courtesy of May 09 edition of daily debt capital market commentary and focus on investment grade corporate debt deals courtesy of boutique investment bank Mischler Financial Group, the financial industry’s oldest minority broker-dealer owned and operated by Service-Disabled Veterans. MarketsMuse editorial team adds: “Make no mistake, the phrase ‘service-disabled’ applies to members […] Read More

10 May, 2016

Citadel and KCG Targets of DOJ

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Federal authorities investigating the market-making arms of the $25bil hedge fund Citadel LLC and broker KCG Holdings Inc, are looking into the possibility that the two giants of electronic trading are giving small investors a poor deal when executing stock transactions on their behalf. The Justice Department has subpoenaed information from […] Read More

10 May, 2016

Bloomberg ETF RFQ Tool For Blocks: A Blockbuster

Bloomberg LP’s agency broker Bloomberg Tradebook is continuing to grab market share in the ETF execution space thanks to introducing a blockbuster approach that has proven to work across a universe of hard-to-trade financial instruments: RFQ (“Request For Quote”). The “Bloomberg ETF RFQ” tool, which, according to a statement issued by Bloomberg LP,  has triggered “a 3-fold […] Read More

10 May, 2016

Convicted Libor Trader Launches Crowdfund Campaign

(FinanceMagnates.com) Supporters of Tom Hayes, the former UBS rates trader and the first person to be convicted for the manipulation of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR), have launched a crowdfunding appeal via UK platform Fundrazr to raise £150,000 ($217,403) to underwrite a further appeal against his conviction. The former trader, currently serving an 11-year […] Read More

4 May, 2016

Buy-Side Says: Don’t Just Set It and Forget It

Cheryl Cargie, head trader at buy-side fund manager Ariel Investments in Chicago, said that while the buy side is looking for more from its sales trader coverage, it depends on whether a buy side trader is representing a passive or active strategy. For a veteran with over 20 years in trading and representing all of […] Read More

4 May, 2016

Finra Sends Brokers Notice of Spoofing

“Report Cards” Delivered to Brokerages Citing High-Speed Manipulative Practices, Including Spoofing and Layering (WSJ) –Finra, the securities industry’s self-regulator sent out its first monthly “report cards” to brokerage firms warning about manipulative superfast trading practices, marking the beginning of an effort to encourage the firms to cut off traders that aren’t playing fair. The Financial […] Read More

29 April, 2016