Crypto Criminal Andrew Katz Pleads Guilty to Felony Rap in Miami

Andrew Ross Katz aka Drew Katz aka Ross Katz aka Stark Katz, the former co-founder of a crypto criminal enterprise known to have used a labyrinth of shell companies under the name “Seaquake” to defraud investors such as crypto pioneer Brock Pierce, and an individual who claims to be a “fintech entrepreneur” whose criminal arrest record extends over 10 years across California, Colorado, New York, and Florida, pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges in Miami-Dade County Court this week.

Prior reporting of this incident can be found here.

Katz pleaded guilty to multiple felony charges displayed above, stemming from an April 2021 incident in which Katz assaulted three Miami-Dade County police officers that responded to a domestic violence call made by Katz’s girlfriend from his Miami Beach luxury condominium at 2020 North Bayshore Drive, Unit 1203.

Despite the nature of the charges, which called for a mandatory jail sentence, and despite a lengthy criminal arrest record for similar charges in other jurisdictions, Katz was sentenced to three years probation. The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office, led by Katherine Fernandez Rundle, did not respond to inquiries as to why no jail sentence was requested by the 28-year-old State Attorney Tyler Cass, the designated prosecutor assigned to the case.

Katz, who recently deleted all references on his LinkedIn profile to his former enterprise,, now proclaims to be a founder of an “AI” initiative. Caveat Emptor.