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Fintech Phony Andrew Katz Convicted on 4 Felony Assault Charges; Flees Florida

Andrew Katz, aka Ross Katz aka Drew Katz aka Stark Katz, a serial criminal who, at various times over the past seven years has claimed to be a “crypto entrepreneur” (operating through an entity known as “Seaquake”), and more recently, profiles himself on LinkedIn * as a “Fintech and “AI entrepreneur”, has fled Florida after being convicted on 4 charges of felony assault against law enforcement officers.

Fugitive Andrew Katz, aka Drew Katz, aka Ross Katz

*Note: In addition to using multiple aliases, Katz has recently taken to creating at least two LinkedIn accounts in an effort to obfuscate. In addition to the above LinkedIn profile, he is apparently using this LinkedIn profile, while he remains a fugitive from Miami-Dade County law enforcement.

Katz has been profiled via this outlet multiple times for his role in advancing securities fraud schemes, including defrauding crypto industry pioneer Brock Pierce, and for arrests on charges of assault, harassment, and stalking in Los Angeles and New York City. After being convicted in New York, in February 2022, Katz had already fled Manhattan for Miami, and a fugitive warrant was issued by New York authorities.

The latest event, which had Katz assaulting three police officers while they were attempting to arrest him on a domestic violence charge, led to his being convicted on four felony charges.

Katz is now being sought by Florida state law enforcement agencies. Those who have information as to Katz’s latest whereabouts are requested to contact the Miami-Dade County Department of Probation via 305-694-2876. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPREHEND THIS INDIVIDUAL; HE IS CONSIDERED TO BE ARMED AND DANGEROUS.