Risk Takers Cry Out In Terror-A Rareview With Sight…

Professional Investment Community Cries Out in Agony and They Don’t Yet Know Exactly Why MarketsMuse Strike Price and Global Macro curators voted the Oct 5 edition of global macro advisory firm Rareview Macro's Sight Beyond Sight the best read of the week. Yes, its only Monday, but those who follow…Read More

5 October, 2015

Watch Out Wall Street-The Big Short is Coming

For Wall Street bankers and brokers who have been in the business since at least the early 2000's and are still working on the Street, and who think you've already been pilloried plenty for the work you do, watch out, former Lehman broker-turned best-selling author Michael Lewis ("Liar's Poker", "Money…Read More

23 September, 2015

The Volcano Trade, Vontae Mack and VXX

MarketsMuse Global Macro merges with Strike Price seers with sage excerpt from 18 Sept edition of "Sight Beyond Sight", the daily newsletter published by global macro think tank Rareview Macro and authored by Managing Member Neil Azous and rising star Michael Sedacca...For fans of the film Draft Day, this excerpt…Read More

18 September, 2015

Market Mayhem: A Rare View From Global Macro Guru

One needs to have 'been there and seen that' for at least twenty years in order to have been "loaded for bear" in advance of this morning's equities market rout. At least one of the folks who MarketsMuse has profiled during the past many months meets that profile; and those…Read More

24 August, 2015

Up at BATS: Another Edge; EDGX Options Exchange Approved

MarketsMuse Strike Price section spots news that BATS Global has received approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission to open its second options trading venue, EDGX Options. Launch of the EDGX Options system is tentatively set for Monday, November 2, BATS said. The actual SEC Approval Order from the SEC…Read More

10 August, 2015

Agency-Only Executing Broker: What Does Best Ex Mean?

MarketsMuse dip and dash department frequently prefers spotlighting altruists and do-gooders, including Agency-only execution firms in the brokerdealer sphere who, unlike “principal trading desks”, do not take the contra side to institutional customer orders as a means of making a profit; agency-only firms merely execute those client orders via the…Read More

28 July, 2015

Open Outcry Options Pit Trading is Dead..Long Live Open…

MarketsMuse Strike Price update profiles a “return from the past and into the future” look at what many veteran (and former) option mart floor traders had all but given up for lost thanks to the electronification and bifurcation of institutional options trading. We’re talking about those legacy, open-outcry trading pits,…Read More

7 May, 2015

AAPL in Advance of Earnings: A Truly Smart Options…

MarketsMuse.com Strike Price update takes a swipe at the plethora of sell-side analysts already dueling on air in advance of Apple Inc.'s April 27 quarterly earnings release (folks who will be proffering their respective EPS outlook post mortems and assortment of "consensus" talking points and take-aways after Tim Cook steps…Read More

22 April, 2015

Best Execution Algos for Options Trading: Dash Dares To…

MarketsMuse.com Strike Price section profiles trading systems vendor Dash Financial algorithm-based approach to securing options market “best execution” in the ever-increasing world of options mart fragmentation and the wacky rebate schemes that have proliferated across the electronic options exchange landscape. Below is courtesy of extracted elements from MarketsMedia.com April 20…Read More

21 April, 2015

BATS Is Up At Bat Again; Another Options Exchange…

MarketsMuse.com Strike Price update profiles the most recent plan for yet another Options trading platform on the part of BATS. Coverage is courtesy of TradersMagazine. BATS Global Markets has announced they are opening a second U.S options marketplace, EDGX Options. According to BATS, EDGX Options will be based on a…Read More

17 April, 2015

Instl Options Trading Liquidity Reined In By Regulatory Rules…

MarketsMuse.com Strike Price update strikes at the heart of how the financial industry’s new regulatory regime is impacting liquidity across the institutional options market, courtesy of 09 April coverage by MarketsMedia.com. Regulatory requirements that dealers keep more capital on their balance sheets is squeezing options liquidity for institutional traders, who…Read More

10 April, 2015

The Survey Says: As Options Market Liquidity Wanes, Top…

MarketsMuse.com Options market update focuses on recent industry report canvassing the perch of buyside managers perspective as to the good, the bad and the ugly sell-side broker elements they encounter in the course of increasing use of listed options products is courtesy of recent report issued by industry think tank,…Read More

23 March, 2015

Add One More Options Exchange To Your Menu-Its About…

MarketsMuse options market update courtesy of extract from our friends at MarketsMedia LLC and their profile of yet another proposed options exchange with yet another “rebate” scheme intended to capture market share in the very competitive world of order routing. International Securities Exchange will have its ISE Mercury exchange ready…Read More

5 March, 2015

A Safer Options Bet For Arbing $AAPL and $GOOG…

MarketsMuse update profiling a very intriguing options strategy for professional traders is courtesy of a.m. edition of "Sight Beyond Sight" , the global macro strategy-centric publication from Rareview Macro LLC. The MM editors include former option market-makers and we're reasonably confident that the following idea has not yet been considered…Read More

13 February, 2015

Options Market-Makers Migrate to Miami: Trading Firms Increase Stake…

MarketsMuse options market coverage of MIAX, the latest entrant to the continuously fragmented world of securities exchanges is courtesy of Traders Magazine Options industry market makers, Citadel Securities LLC, KCG Americas LLC, Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC, Optiver US LLC, Susquehanna Securities, Timber Hill LLC, and Wolverine Trading, LLC have…Read More

9 February, 2015

Global Macro ETF: A Rareview- Look No Further and…

MarketsMuse global macro trading insight courtesy of extract from 4 Feb edition of Rareview Macro LLC’s “Sight Beyond Sight” with reference to $MVE and $MVMVE [caption id="attachment_2349" align="alignleft" width="150"] Neil Azous, Rareview Macro[/caption] There are a lot of moving parts overnight, including the continuing debate on whether crude oil has…Read More

4 February, 2015

The 1st Regulated Bitcoin Bourse? Frmr Goldman Sachs Algo…

MarketsMuse.com update courtesy of extracts from today’s edition of Traders Magazine. Yet another coin is being tossed into the fountain of Bitcoin dreams and wishes. The latest aspirant and first to file a full-blown registration for a "Bitcoin Bourse"with the CFTC is “LedgerX”, a company led by former 6-pack broker-dealer…Read More

28 January, 2015

Shanghai Stock Exchange to Launch Options Trading on SSE…

MarketsMuse update courtesy of AsiaAsset News The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) will unveil its first ETF option next month as a testing ground for the pilot stock option trading program in China. The China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) said it has authorized the SSE to launch the pilot program with…Read More

14 January, 2015