Which BrokerDealer Does Dare To Be Different re D&I: The CITI That Never Sleeps

MarketsMuse is known for being both a curator of financial market news as well as a part-time pontificating platform, and yet our altruistic editorial team actually likes to lean towards and forward to our followers select stories that profile the truly compelling “social-sensitive” initiatives spearheaded by Wall Street banks.

While it may come as a surprise to the universe of cynics, ‘feel good’ stories-i.e. those in which Wall Streeters are actually doing things to add to society and not just their wallets, do take place every day. Sadly, those snapshots are typically under-noticed or not advanced by the traditional business media outlets, who typically reserve “Wall Street Doing Good and Giving Back”- type stories for Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day and limit those ‘profile pieces’ to a very short list of big-walleted sell-side advertisers.

(Shout out to anyone at CNBC who is reading this post, we hope you’re actually paying attention to this post!)..

Dean Chamberlain CEO, Mischler Financial
Dean Chamberlain CEO, Mischler Financial

Anyway, thanks entirely to the folks at Citigroup, along with minority-owned firms Mischler Financial Group and Williams Capital, Wall Street Leaders CAN and DO Dare to Be Different. This is best illustrated by Citi’s long-heralded, book-runner role for advancing Diversity & Inclusion initiatives aka “D&I” across Wall Street via alliances with aforementioned co-managers Mischler (the industry’s oldest firm owned and operated by Service-Disabled Veterans), Williams (the leading African-American owned BD) and corporate alliances with the likes of Toyota Motor Credit Corp., the combination of which helps promote the D&I message across the entirety of Main Street as well.

The clip below, entitled “Wall Street Leaders Can Dare to be Different” profiles just one of many approaches on the part of Citi to further the importance of D&I initiatives while working closely with a select group of diversity firms that have proven capabilities (vs. the gratuitous “minority-owned” labels that one too many sell-side firms have chosen to exploit) . Citi is arguably a true leader in many arenas, and their leadership role in the course of advancing D&I represents a welcome and increasingly growing trend taking place across Wall Street.