One New ETF Sets Itself Apart From The Rest

MarketsMuse blog update profiles the new ETF, iShares Exponential Technologies ETF (XT), impress start. The ETF XT has collected over $600 million since its start in March of this year, this feat something only a few other new ETFs have been able to do. This MarketsMuse blog update is courtesy of Zacks Equity Research’s article, “Why Is This New ETF Growing So Fast?“, with an excerpt from below.  

The ETF industry has been growing by leaps and bounds since last year with issuers launching products with varied themes every now and then. While 2014 turned out a historic year for the ETF industry with assets hitting the $2 trillion (approximately) mark and over 180 ETFs being rolled out, 2015 took the story a step forward. A little over three months into the year, the industry has seen more than 65 launches with average market cap of the industry crossing $2.1 billion (read: 5 Very Successful ETF Launches of 2014). 

However, investors should note that all products do not witness an equal share of success. Some stand to gain massively and generate assets within a short span while some fail to secure investor interest and finally succumb to a shutdown. Let’s take a look at which new ETF, launched this year, emerged out as the best asset gather.

Inside iShares Exponential Technologies ETF (XT)

Investors might be surprised to know that this ETF has amassed over $600 million since its debut in March this year. It is a standard many ETFs fail to meet even after three years of launch. Apparently, the ETF saw this easy, or rather unimaginable success due to its unique investing objective.  

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