China To Add ETF Options to Menu of Shanghai Exchange Listed Products

Below extract courtesy of Futures & Options World Aug 11 article by William Mitting  FOW_logo_-_The_Global_Derivatives_Magazine


ETF options could be launched in China as soon as this month as the country gears up for the full launch of options trading, a leading lawyer has said.

China is undergoing a widespread reform of its financial markets as it seeks to build Shanghai as a global financial centre and develop its capital markets.

The launch of options is seen as a key step in that development and the country’s main derivatives exchanges have been running mock trading since 2012.

Natasha Xie, a partner at the JunHe law firm and a key figure in the local derivatives market, said that some Chinese observers believe that ETF options could be launched this month.

In a recent press conference, Dang Ge, the press secretary of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said that ETF options will be launched on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) imminently.

He later denied reports that the launch would be delayed until the Hong Kong Shanghai Stock Connect Scheme had been implemented, which is scheduled for October.

“Mock trading of the SSE’s ETF options has been stable and ongoing since June 2012. In July 2014, the SSE issued the Guidance on Risk Control for Security Companies in Operating ETF Option Brokerage Business, which provides requirements in terms of margin management, position limits, and risk management,” said Xie.

“As of June 2014, the SSE had finished site inspection of 67 members on their options trading and technology capacity. The first ETF options pilot program will include SSE 50 ETF options and SSE 180 ETF options.”

The launch of ETF options is expected to be followed by the launch of stock index options on the CSI 300 index traded on the China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX).

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