BlackRock Wants You To Chat Up Symphony..Away From Bloomberg

BlackRock is the latest firm to embrace Symphony Chat Platform; Another Shot Across Bloomberg Bow In early 2014,  when David Gurle, a former Reuters exec started to chat up a scheme with prospective banking industry investors that would offer a low cost alternative  to Bloomberg LP's ubiquitous instant message / chat application, prospective strategic…Read More

27 June, 2016

Symphony Pact With FlexTrade-Shot Across Bloomberg Bow

Symphony, the Wall Street-backed secure messaging platform first designed to displace Bloomberg LP's most ubiquitous feature and further reduce the Street's dependency and technology costs synonymous with having a Bloomberg terminal, has struck another blow in the bow of Bloomberg's boat thanks to the consortium-owned deal with electronic execution system…Read More

26 February, 2016

Rupert Murdoch Takes On Bloomberg-Symphony Sings

BrokerDealer-Banked Chat Service Symphony Signs Pact to Sing News from Dow Jones and WSJ MarketsMuse Fintech editors are observing Rosh Hashana today, and we thank our friends at BrokerDealer.com blog for the following story..which could set the tone for a slug fest between Rupert Murdoch of News Corp. and Michael…Read More

14 September, 2015

Symphony Scheme to Displace Bloomberg Chat is Challenged by…

Fintech startup instant message platform Symphony is hearing the sound of trumpets coming from NY Regulators and Bloomberg-challenger backed by consortium of banks now being  questioned about deletion and encryption process. MarketsMuse curators might be a little slow this week in view of following delayed post regarding the roll-out of…Read More

23 July, 2015

Symphony Singing As Ex-Reuters CEO Joins Board in Battle…

MarketsMuse.com Tech Talk aka Fintech update profiles the latest from Symphony, the brokerdealer-backed financial communications program that is looking to make the Bloomberg terminals (or at least their most-used messaging application) mute. This David v. Goliath type battle pitting well-backed upstarts against the ubiquitous Bloomberg LP could become a trend…Read More

22 April, 2015