Eaton Vance Launches Non-Transparent ETF aka “ETMF”

Eaton Vance Corp. today launched the first-ever non-transparent, actively-managed ETFs. Their new creation is called an exchange-traded managed fund (ETMF) and goes under the brand name NextShares. Quite a coup considering last week's MarketsMuse story "SEC Chair White Says I've Got a Dream" [for the SEC to actually read offering…Read More

26 February, 2016

SEC Flip-Flops on Non-Transparent ETFs; What’s Next? “NextShares!” ;…

A MarketsMuse Special column…. Within less than 2 weeks after the all-visionary SEC blocked NYSE Arca from listing non-transparent, actively managed ETFs developed by ETF Industry icon BlackRock Inc., as well as those designed by upstart Issuer Precidian Investments (see MM edition Oct 23), this past Thursday, the same almighty…Read More

9 November, 2014
non-transparent ETFs

SEC SmackDown of Non-Transparent ETFs-No Secret Sauces!

In an effort to reign in a powerful campaign to launch secret sauce ETFs that have no business being used by ordinary investors, the SEC scored a smackdown on the creation of non-transparent ETFs in a recent ruling that blocks plans by ETF giant BlackRock as well as Precidian Investments…Read More

25 October, 2014

Actively-Managed ETF Smackdown: Eaton Vance vs. Precidian

As reported previously by MarketsMuse, actively-managed ETFs, aka AMETFs (or as Eaton Vance has dubbed their product: "NextShares ETMFs") are the next holy grail for Issuers of exchange-traded funds simply because these new-fangled products offer a refreshing new batch of flavors to a product category that has nearly 2000 issues…Read More

28 July, 2015

What’s Next: ETFs For Crowdfunding Industry?

This post was written by Pete Hoegler, Washington DC-based Social Media Savant for The JLC Group.  Three years after the JOBS Act was passed, it seems that Washington is back for more--a curtain call if you will--making it easier for small ventures to raise capital. The House Financial Services Committee in…Read More

29 June, 2015

LIVE FROM Conference: Expert Bashes ETFMs

Markets Muse senior staff dumped their snow boots and instead, has boots on the ground at the Florida ETF boondoggle hosted by One of the more reportable take-aways (so far) is our capturing the following comment about the much talked about new product trend focused on non-transparent, hedge fund-esque…Read More

27 January, 2015


As the exchange-traded fund marketplace continues to evolve, the recent introduction of "exchange-traded managed funds", aka ETMFs, has opened Pandora’s Box for those who have embraced "traditional" ETFs because of their transparency, real-time pricing (vs “end of day price setting”) and the relative ease of diagnosing liquidity by interrogating bid-offer…Read More

26 January, 2015

Blackrock ETF Blocked By SEC; Non-Transparency is Not Good…

MarketsMuse post courtesy of extract from report by Barron's Johanna Bennet..our Editorial team leads in with "How could anyone think that an ETF (actively-managed or passive) that doesn't disclose the underlying components to its investors could pass muster with regulators, no less investors? The SEC has denied requests that would…Read More

23 October, 2014

ETFs Getting Blurry: New “ETMFs” Hard to See Through;…

  Excerpts Courtesy of MarketsMediaThe lines of demarcation between actively-managed investment vehicles are getting fuzzier with the advent of non-transparent, actively-managed ETFs.Black Rock, State Street, Eaton Vance and T. Rowe Price, among others, have filed applications with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to develop actively managed non-transparent ETFs that…Read More

25 February, 2014